Good Morning Y’all!

I have been putting off writing all day today. I slept half the day away today. It has been raining here in Texas and my head has felt like someone has been hitting me in the head with a hammer all day. I wish whoever is doing the pounding would take some time off, so I can focus.

Dear hubby’s mother has been here for the past couple of days and yesterday I took her to meet my friends in the writing group. (Hi Writing Group Peeps!) And she got to witness the chaos that we writer do when we come together. Imagine all the imaginary people that run around inside our heads being out in the open for an evening.

The coffee shop where we meet is very kind to us. I believe that most places would kick us out very quickly. We can be loud when we discuss our projects and yet the coffee shop lets us take up their party room. We pull all the tables together and sometimes we break into smaller groups to discuss things other than writing.

Last night a small number of us broke off into a smaller group to discuss our planners and to decorated said, planners. Don’t give us stickers because we will sticker anything that doesn’t move and sometimes things that do move.

Earlier in the evening, I passed out my business cards with the information anyone would need to get in touch with me and for them to share with their family and friends. A member of our group came over and we were discussing my profile on Twitter. He asked me a question about my feelings toward our president. We talked for a little bit and it was a nice conversation. We don’t always have to agree with the views of everyone around us. We also talked about some of the stuff that has happened to me from whom I will assume as Twitter trolls.

It was absolutely lovely to talk to someone who I will not always agree with, but we can have a discussion without raised voices and anger. My mother in law and I do not see eye to eye politically, but we are able to enjoy each other’s company. We can even discuss politics without it turning into a fight.

We must learn to act like adults and understand that there will always be times when we don’t agree on politics, how we raise our kids, or that the sky is blue. The deep divide in this country needs to be healed. I know it is going to take a long time to heal, but I think we should start with our own families. The time to heal is now. We can’t wait until Trump decides to walk away from the dumpster fire he has started in the White House. We can hope and pray that he becomes frustrated enough to walk away, but our families are hurting. We need to stop hurting each other.

Loving a Trump supporter can be hard and loving Trump adversary can be just as hard, but the time for LOVE is now.

Mawow and I hope you have a lovely day and we will see you back here on Friday.

Peace, Love, & Kitty Snuggles.





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