Hello! How are y’all doing? I am having a great time on vacation in Florida. I am getting spend time with friends who are like being with family and I love them all so much. 💜💜 I hadn’t planned on writing any blogs while I am on vacation, but Donald Trump opened his mouth about Texas and here I am. As y’all know there is no love loss when it concerns Trump, but when he opens his mouth about Texas, he is talking about my home.

The “so-called” president at FEMA Headquarters made a remark that 16,000 people in Texas needed to be rescued because they went out in their boats to watch Hurricane Harvey. (LINK) As a person who went through hurricane Harvey, I can promise you that I do not know a single person who chose to watch the hurricane come through while out on their boat. After the hurricane, there were places that were flooded, and boats were the only way to get out. Millions of people around the world were able to watch the water rescues on the 24-hour news channels, so I think Trump thinks that those rescued by boat had to have been in the boats watching the hurricane. I am not sure he understood those boats were traveling to flooded homes.

My question to all those in attendance, why did you not correct Trump? Why do you continue to allow this man to spew fabrications without challenging him? If someone would stand up one time, you may be able to the dumpster fire that is ripping through this country. You were at a meeting concerning 2018 hurricanes that could show up at any moment and you let him say whatever he wants.

Texas governor, Greg Abbott was in the same FEMA meeting and chose not to say a word in defense of his constituents. He was later asked about Trump’s remarks by reporters he said, he had “no information one way or the other about that.” (LINK)

Mike Pence, at the same meeting, said they FEMA was prepared just like they were in 2017. Both he and Trump failed to mention Puerto Rico where over 4,000 people were killed. (LINK) In my honest opinion FEMA and the Trump administration were completely unprepared for the devastation that occurred with Harvey and if they thought that was being prepared, the southern US is screwed.

When I get home from vacation, I will make my hurricane prep boxes well in advance because I know what it feels like to have to beg your family for money so that when it was possible to buy food or water, you could get it. After Harvey, we were without power and water for 9 days and I know we were blessed because we did not have any water damage to our home or vehicle. I have friends who lost possessions, but I still have my family and friends alive and well. Belongings can be replaced, but your loved ones cannot.

People in Puerto Rico have lost so much and our own government has turned their back on Americans. What if Trump decides after the next storm that Texas, Louisiana, Florida or California isn’t worth worrying about and turns his back on us next? You can’t say “that won’t happen,” because it already has. If we cannot count on our government to help us when we are in need, we only have each other. If you have my back, I will have yours, that’s what family/friends are for.

I hope you have a wonderful day and I am going to get back to my vacation. I am not sure if I will post any more blogs until I get home, but if you miss reading my blog you could check out some of the blogs I follow.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love, & Kitty Snuggles


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