candle-2038736_1920Good Morning Y’all. I wasn’t going to write a blog for this morning, but my bestie said I should write. If I don’t write, I was letting the “them” win. You see, I wasn’t going to write because of the shooting that happened today. (Thursday) It really hit home for me today that a gunman opened fire in a newspaper.

The gunman (who I will not name) appears to have a grudge against the Capital Gazette. He sued the Capital Gazette and the case was thrown out and after today, it seems as if he took matters into his own hands and killed five innocent people.

As a writer who focuses on political news, I get my fair share of death threats because of what I write and it scares me that one day someone will try to make good on their threat.

Donald Trump, at his rally on Monday once again called the press the enemy of the people. The reporters at the event were treated horribly by his followers. They were shouted at and told to leave, but they were there doing their jobs.

Donald Trump has emboldened his followers to take matters into their own hands and it has become a very frightening time for anyone trying to tell the truth about what is happening in the world today. Trump is acting more and more like a dictator and his followers are eating it up. America is headed down a path that we have been through once before. How long will it be before he starts rounding up Americans who disagree with him?

It is time for us to take action. We can no longer stand by and allow others to be hurt and killed by the cult of Trump. We must get everyone we know registered to vote. We need to turn Congress and the Senate blue. It will be the only way to tie Trump’s hands together.

We can do this America.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love, & Kitty Snuggles.


PS. Camp NaNoWriMo starts July 1st. I will attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days. My blog may be hit and miss while NaNo is going on, so hang in there and I promise I will check in as much as possible.


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