Camp-2018-Winner-Profile-PhotoGood Morning Y’all!

I know it’s been a hot minute since I have written anything for my blog and I apologize for leaving y’all hanging. It wasn’t intentional, I promise. Somewhere in the middle of Camp NaNo, I think I lost my drive to write. I finished six days early and I couldn’t bring myself to write anything for my blog. I did write every day for myself and to my sweetest bestie, but when I started to write a blog post, I would erase every word as fast as I wrote it. I think the time away from politics was good for me and when I tried to come back, I found myself just getting pissed off. I have decided I am not going to live politics 24/7, I am going to find new things that interest me and I will share them with you. That doesn’t mean I am going to not pay attention to what that clown in the White House is doing and I will write about the terrible things he and the GOP are doing, but it won’t be all the time. Things might be a little bumping in the beginning, but I am hoping y’all will hang in there until I figure myself out again.

I am continuing to work on the project I began for Camp Nano, but I think I am going to rewrite from the beginning now that Nano is over. During Nano, you are discouraged from doing any editing. The goal is to write with abandon and then worry about all the editing after the writing is done. That is very hard for me to do. When I write, I use Grammarly to catch my terrible spelling and improper grammar. Isn’t it terrible, me a writer sucking at spelling and grammar? I know there are other writers out there who struggle with the same issues or Grammarly wouldn’t exist, right?

For the rewrite of my Nano project, I am changing the software I use to write with. I have used Scrivener for years since they are a major supporter of NaNoWriMo. When you win Nano, they give you 50% off your purchase of Scrivener. I love Scrivener, but it doesn’t allow the Grammarly plugin. I love my Grammarly and you will have to pry it from my cold dead hands. ☹ Wow, that got grim pretty quickly, didn’t it?

My writer buddy, Sonja introduced me to Novelize and it looks pretty easy to use, plus it can be used with Grammarly!! WooHoo!! During Camp Nano, I was writing in Microsoft Word to use Grammarly and then I would move it over to Scrivener, which was a great big headache and I will never do that again. There are mistakes in my Nano project that I want to correct during the rewrite and then I am hoping to publish it through Amazon. So, keep watching for an announcement when I am ready to publish. I do have a novel in the works. It has been on the back burner for a long, long, time and I think it’s time that I get that baby polished and ready to leave the nest. I can’t explain how much I want to get that novel published, but it’s my baby and I am afraid to let others read it. What if y’all think I am nuts? My mum, automatically thought I was writing about her, but I assure you mum, I am not talking about you. I promise.

Now we come to the topic I wanted to avoid, but I cannot. Tonight, on Facebook, I saw a post by Conservatives of Texas and they were bashing Senatorial Candidate Beto O’Rourke for things that he did as a young man right out of college. If we are going to start bashing people for the stupid stuff we all did when we were young then people need to look at themselves before they look at others. I don’t care what Beto O’Rourke did when he was young, I care that he is willing to pass up money from the NRA and is running his campaign as a grassroots campaign, which means he is doing this whole thing with donations from people like me. I am proud to say that I will vote for Beto O’Rourke. Do you think Ted Cruz is taking money from the NRA? He has an A+ rating from the NRA.

Nine members of the Texas delegation—all Republicans—received A+ ratings from the NRA. These include senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. Another 18 members—all Republicans except for U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Laredo—received an A grade. Seven Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke—who is hoping to unseat Cruz in the Senate this fall—received an F rating. Only two Texas Democrats—U.S. Rep. Gene Green, from Houston, and Cuellar—accepted any money from the NRA. (LINK)

I think it is just time for people to take their heads out of the sand and stop letting people like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump tell you what is right and what is wrong. Think for yourselves people. Stop letting the GOP tell you to what is good for you. The GOP and Trump just want to make the rich richer and to take your social security and benefits you have paid into for your entire lives. Listen to Paul Ryan, he wants to take your money away from you, he has to try to figure out how to pay for the $1.5 trillion tax break he gave the rich and we are paying for it.

Donald Trump told you Mexico would pay for the wall, but why is he willing to shut the government down to make us pay for the wall??? Think for yourselves…

That’s all I can do tonight. I have more I want to share with you but my head is going to explode thinking about this shit. I have parents to think about. I want Paul Ryan to keep his greedy fucking hands off their money.


Quin & Mawow

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: If Donald Trump cares so much about our military and our vets, why is he spending millions of dollars to have a parade in Washington instead of using that money to help homeless vets or vets who have to wait hours/days to be seen for healthcare or vets who need mental healthcare? WHY?

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