Good Morning Y’all, (this was written last night as the returns were coming in)

Tonight, I am a very sad Texan. MSNBC just projected that Ted Cruz won the Senate seat over Beto O’Rourke. I will admit that I cried when they called it. In my heart, I wanted Beto O’Rourke to win. Now I am not only a sad Texan, but I am a scared Texan…

I do not trust Ted Cruz to do right by his constituents. He did not do right by his wife or his father when Donald Trump posted an unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz and implied that Cruz’s father may have been involved in the Kennedy assassination. How could Ted Cruz jump to give Trump his support after he smeared members of his family? If he didn’t have the backbone to stand up to Trump, how do you think he is going to stand up for us?

Remember, Ted Cruz is willing to shut the government down, even though he has amnesia when asked about shutting the government down. He says he is against government shutdowns, but he was willing to shut the government down to defund the Affordable Care Act. He filibustered reading Green Eggs and Ham.

Ted Cruz along with his Republican Buddies want to rip the Affordable Care Act away from millions of people who have health care and they have nothing to replace it with. He doesn’t want to protect people like me who have pre-existing conditions. He also wants to take away a woman’s right to healthcare. If you have had a baby, you now have a pre-existing condition. He doesn’t think we women have the right to birth control. Us feeble-minded women can’t make decisions for ourselves. I myself have never had children, but I believe it is a woman’s right to make decisions that have to do with her body. I guess I am way to progressive for Texas. I believe it is a woman’s right to make a decision for an abortion. It is not my business what anyone else does with their body, but now that ole’ Ted is back in charge women aren’t going to get to make that decision anyway. Texas will revert back to the 1950s. I guess I better get back in my kitchen and find my pearls.

Since we are discussing Ted Cruz, I have a question to ask you. If you missed 50% of your scheduled work days, would you still have a job? Ted Cruz does. In 2016, Cruz missed 50.3% of votes in the Senate. Is that Ted Cruz working hard for Texas? I know if he missed that many days working anywhere else, he would have been fired.

Screenshot_2018-11-04 Beto O_Rourke says Ted Cruz has an attendance problem Cruz has missed 14 percent of votes; O_Rourke h[...]

Ted Cruz puts on a good face, and that he cares about our country but the bottom line for Cruz is the same as Trump they are GREEDY! If you want to see how much Ted Cruz has aligned himself with Donald Trump, his voting record is public and you can find it here. (HERE) The anglers of Texas may want to ask him why he voted to repeal the “Stream Protection Rule” or why he voted to repeal a rule requiring the Social Security Administration to submit information into the background-check system? If someone who is getting SSA for mental health reasons, I guess the SSA doesn’t have to report that now?

I am extremely upset with the way our country is moving and one good thing that came out of the mid-term election is that the Democrats took the House and hopefully they can right this ship before it crashes into the rocks completely. I hope the Democrats can hold the White House accountable for everything that has happened in the past two years. Maybe, they can stop the tax cuts for the rich and maybe help out those of us who are middle and lower class? And I pray that the Democrats can hold the Republicans responsible for the massive amount of debt they have added to this country instead of trying to rob it from Social Security. I am sure ole Ted Cruz wants to get his grubby hands on YOUR, YES YOUR social security. It’s ours! Each and every person who has had a job has paid into social security and I want Trump and Cruz’s sticky fingers off my money. Although I won’t cry if you want to give your social security to them, I want them away from mine.

Donald Trump sent Kellyanne Conway out to the press and she held a 25-minute press conference. Trump, through Conway, warned against investigating him. She said Trump believes that we Democrats do not care about impeaching him and of course, it is the Democrats who do not want to work with him. She also could not resist throwing a dig in at reporters about what they cover. She, of course, refused to answer questions about Trump’s racist campaign ad that even FOX NEWS deemed too racist to air. Let that sink in. FOX thought the ad was too racist.

Even though Trump and a lot of his followers have spewed racist and hateful things about people who are not white, I have not and will never do that. I am better than that, are you? I am going to make a point to be kind to people. I am going to speak out when I see things that shouldn’t be happening in 2018, will you? Bigotry and hate need to be stomped out completely. I think we need a hashtag about being kind, maybe some kind of movement? Give me your thoughts and ideas, please.

This has been the YEAR OF THE WOMEN and I am hoping women will keep men like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump from stripping women’s rights. Tonight, 115 women (as of the time I am writing) have been elected. Let’s keep this woman’s movement going. When our next election in 2020 let’s make sure we have a hundred more women elected. (LINK)

One last thought before I stop for the night. This country was built by immigrants and we are becoming a country that hates immigrants and I am going to help stop this. We need to stand up for immigrants who are trying to come to this country. The migrant caravan that is heading our way is mostly made up of women and children who are escaping violence and poverty and they plan to seek asylum when they reach the border. Donald Trump, of course, has been pushing the idea that the people in the caravan are planning on invading our country when in reality they want to come to this country to make a better life for their children and families. Isn’t that what most of our families did? My family is from Italy and I had grandparents that came here to make a better life for themselves. If it was not for them, I may have not even been born. Trump’s family came from Germany. His is from a family of immigrants. This is not the first caravan of immigrants looking for a better life. Oh, and Trump is sending the military to the border and the caravan is still weeks away. Was his sending troops a political stunt? Yah, I thought so too.

I consider myself woke, are you? Where do your morals lie?

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love, & Kitty Snuggles


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