Sorry So Late

Hello My Wonderful Readers,

I’m sorry there is no real blog post for today. I am under the weather and very tired.

I hope you had a wonderful Monday! 4 more days till the weekend arrives.

Peace, Love & Happiness,


For My Sister Marcie <3

I wrote this one for my sister Marcie. She has already seen and gave me permission to post it.

I love you so much Marcie.

Earthly Angels

“Shh,” my younger sister whispered as I followed her through the woods.

“Where are we going?” I whispered.

“I want you to meet my other family.”

“What do you mean your other family.’ I said rather loudly.

I ran into Marcie as she stopped. “Please, keep your voice down. You’re going to ruin everything.”

“What am I going to ruin?” I asked her feeling very confused.

“Hush, just follow me.”

Marcie glided through the woods and I stumbled along behind her.

She came to stop and this time I managed to stop before ran into her again. She stood there with the big grin on her face.

“I can’t wait to show you,” she said with a giggle and bounced around like a school girl.

I swear in the minutes it took us to walk through the woods, my sister seemed to age fifteen years. Her hair was streaked with gray and there were deep wrinkles in her face that had not been there moments before. “Marcie, what’s happening to you? Are you alright?” I asked with a quivering voice. I was terrified at what I was seeing. My sister was aging right before my eyes.

My sister grabbed my hand and squeezed it reassuringly. “It’s okay Peggy, this is normal. I promise.”

She was still holding my hand when we stepped into an opening in the woods and out of nowhere an enchanted village appeared before us. There were people walking around and talking to each other and people sitting on the tiny porches attached to tiny houses. The houses were painted in every color of the rainbow. Every person that I could see had graying hair like my sister and deep wrinkles in their faces.

“What is this place?”

“This is my earthly home,” she said quietly.

“Earthly home?” I stammered. “I thought…”

“I’m still your sister,” she said with a sweet smile. “Come on, there are some people I would like you to meet.” Still holding my hand, she pulled me toward a small purple house with white shutters.

I slid my hand out of hers and stopped walking. “Who lives here?”

“My family, silly. I told you that,” she said sweetly.

“But, I’m your family, aren’t I?”

“Of course,” she said and started walking again. I had no choice, but to follow.

When she stepped on the porch, an elderly woman came out the door and greeted Marcie, “hello, my sweet girl. We weren’t expecting you to today.”

“I know Momma,” she said and gave the lady a hug.

While Marcie and the woman hugged, I noticed that they seemed to be the same age now and yet Marcie called her Momma. Who is this woman? I thought to myself. 

“Momma, I want you to meet my earthly sister Peggy.”

“It’s nice to meet you. Any sister of Girl’s is a friend of mine,” she said, smiling at me.

“Girl?” I asked confused.

“Oh, forgive me, I am always forgetting the earthly names that are given to our children.”

“Earthly name?”

“When I am here my name is Girl. All the female angels are named Girl until they are given young angels to look after and then they are called Momma.”

“Angels?” I asked softly.

“Yes, I am an angel.”

“Why are you on earth, shouldn’t you be in heaven?”

“After the great flood and God gave the world a rainbow to signify that he would never flood the earth again, he sent angels to live on earth and help our earthly brothers and sisters in their time of need.”

“But, why are you with me and my family? Why do we need an angel? How can you be an angel if our mom gave birth to you?” I asked getting angry. “This is a joke, right?”

“No. It’s not a joke,” Marcie said calmly.

“Why do you look so old?” I asked bluntly.

“When earthly angels are out of our village, we appear younger than we are and continually get younger. We never look our real age.”

“How old are you?” I asked my now older sister.

“I am 105, which is still very young for an earth angel,” she said smiling.

“If you are getting younger every day, what happens when you reach zero?”  I asked, regretting my question instantly.

“My age decreases a bit every day. My age will decrease rapidly if my family is doing well and it will decrease slowly if my family needs my help. I will become age zero when my family no longer needs me and I will come back with Momma until another family needs me.”

“Will I remember you?” I asked sadly.

“No Peggy, you won’t remember me, but you will remember having guardian angel.”

“Why did you bring me here? I don’t want to forget you,” I said angrily.

“I wanted you to know me for who I am. We aren’t allowed to bring our early families here, but I got a special permission to bring you. You are such a special person and I promise that I will never forget you,” she said with tears sliding down her face.

“Peggy, I promise when Girl comes back to me I will take good care of her,” Momma said trying to reassure me.

“Thank you,’ I sobbed.

In the distance, a church bell could be heard ringing. “What’s that?”  I asked.

“It the signal for earthly angels to return to their earthly families,” Marcie said grabbing my hand and tugging me off the porch.

“It was nice to meet you,” I shouted to Momma and waved.

Marcie led me out of the village and back into the woods. The further away we got from the village, the younger Marcie appeared. By the time we reached our home, she was back to normal.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” she whispered.

“I won’t, I swear. Please don’t forger me.”

“I won’t.” she said.

I held out my pinky finger and she hooked hers with mine then in unison we said, “pinky promise.”






Till We Meet Again Will



Hello My Wonderful Readers,

Tonight I come to with sadness in my heart to let you know that my brother in law Will has lost his battle with cancer. My sister has lost her dear husband and I cannot even imagine what she is going through tonight and my nephew has lost his father and again I cannot imagine what he is going through tonight. I am glad that my parents are with them when I am not. I am thankful for Charlie’s friends who will help him through coming days.

I can say platitudes, send flowers, call and text, but my heart hurts for them and for myself tonight. One thing that gives me moments of happiness is when I think that he is no longer in pain, no longer fighting the cancer and I believe that Will is in the presence of our Lord tonight.

I found out this evening (thank you mom) that Will loved the song I Can Only Imagine and as I listen to it, I wonder if Will is dancing with JOY being with Jesus? Maybe he is with family that has gone on before him and they are catching up or they are looking down upon us as we go through the grieving process. They want to see our smiles as we remember the good times and happiness that comes from knowing there is no pain for Will now.

Irene and Charlie, you have one very special angel watching over you. He is with you in your memories, your hearts and he will be with you when you need him. You may not see him, but if you close your eyes I know you will feel him.

Will was a very special guy. He let Irene, Charlie and I play jokes on him and he would give it right back. We downloaded crazy eyeballs and scary things on our cell phones and tablets , sneaked them into the bedroom to scare him and the next morning, I got woke by an air horn compliments of Will.

Will taught me how to clean a fish and then taught me how to fry it. He made his taxidermy deer with they eyeballs and teeth that freaked me out. I think he liked freaking me out with those eyeballs. Irene, do you remember that open mouthed deer? Or did I imagine that scary thing? 

Will, we had some fun times and I am going to miss you. You are an amazing man and I will never, ever forget you. I will carry you in my heart until I see you again.

This is where I would normally say peace, love and happiness, but I have a request I would like to ask of you. Will you please keep my sister, my nephew, Will’s parents, siblings and both of our families in your prayers. Thank you.




National Novel Writing Month

Hello my Wonderful Readers,

I wanted to let you know that I may not have a post every Monday as per usual, because once again I am taking part in National Novel Writing Month. I am attempting to write 50,000 words in a month. That breaks down to 1,667 words a day. I’m insane, right?

I am also going back to Florida on Monday. I am flying this time so I will be writing on the plane, during my layover in Dallas and on the plane to Pensacola. I will be there for a week and then I will be home. My parents will be here with me that weekend and I am going to attempt to get the tree put up. I know, I know. You are all yelling, “IT’S TO EARLY FOR A TREE!” I am a major Christmas lover and if my husband would let me, I would have the tree up right now. I always try to have it up for Thanksgiving.

Everyone who knows me, knows I have been playing Christmas carols since July 4th, because my Aunt Pat told me when I was younger that it was legal to play them after the 4th. See, I am not the only one. 🙂

I am really proud of the writing that will post on Monday, Nov. 7th. It is dedicated to my younger sister Marcie. I actually wrote it with her in mind. I am hoping you will like it too.

Well, I need to get back to my writing my words for NaNoWriMo.

Peace, Love & Happiness



Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween My Lovely Readers!

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween 🙂 Tonight, the writing group I belong too is having a NaNoWriMo get together as National Novel Writing Month begins at midnight. I will be sporting my Louise Belcher rabbit ears and yelling “don’t tell me to shut up” and “I smell fear on you.” I’m sure I will come up with more Louise-isms to yell. You may not believe me, but Louise Belcher is my spirit animal!

This is part of a favorite episode. I  ❤ Louise!

As I am writing this, I’m watching a Christmas episode of Bob’s Burgers (Season 3, Episode 9) and I would very much recommend this episode.

What are you being for Halloween?

Are you taking part in the Teal Pumpkin Project? Our house will be taking part of the teal pumpkin project for the third Halloween in a row. We do not give out candy because there are children who have allergies and who are diabetic that can’t have that candy. It just doesn’t seem fair that the world around the kids is passing out candy they can’t eat.

At our house, we will be giving out stickers, pencils and other non-edible treats and I hope that you have some non-edibles for the kids who can’t have the candy.

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween.

Peace, Love & Happiness,


Book Review: Uglies


Hello My Wonderful Readers,

Of course you knew that I would sneak my new giraffe into the photograph. As my friend Emily would say, “That’s how I roll.”

I just finished reading Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld. This book falls in the young adult, science fiction, dystopian, and romance genres. While I do like the young adult genre, (it’s what I write) I don’t spend a lot of time reading science fiction or romance novels. However, Scott Westerfeld completely surprised me. I started reading Uglies on October 4th and finished it on October 7th.

Uglies came out in 2005 and I picked it up in Pensacola, FL while I was there helping my family out. Mark, Nick’s uncle goes to this amazing second hand bookstore [Hawsey’s Book Index] and when I am there, I like to see what they have in stock. I always leave Florida with more books than when I arrive. There is nothing quite like curling up on the bed in the spare room at Grandma and Mark’s house to read a good book.

I also managed to grab the second and third books. [Pretties and Specials] I liked the first book so much that I ordered the last book in the series. I don’t want to have to wait for it to come and not have something to read.

My friend who has read the series, says that it can be repetitive, but I am still going to read all of the books.

Uglies kept my attention and that sometimes is hard to do. I could identify with the main character, [Tally] because like her I know what it feels like to lose your best friend. And, again like Tally, I know how it feels to finally have a friend after the loss of a best friend.

I don’t know that I could do what Tally does in order to keep her best friend Shay. Could you betray someone to save them from themselves? That is a dilemma that I hope never comes my way.

The author Scott Westerfeld has a discussion about the Uglies on his website and I am going to use his questions to share my answers to his question. Anything below this paragraph will contain spoilers. Don’t read any further if you plan on reading the books.

The author of the book has a discussion of the book on his website and I am going to answer some of the questions he asked his readers.



1. Have you ever had a friend like Peris, who abandoned your friendship after they moved away?

I was the person who abandoned friends after I moved. My two sisters and I moved when we were younger. We were not old enough to realize that we would lose our friends when we moved. We were not old enough to drive and they only visited us once after the move. They ended up moving away not too long after we did.

2. At first, did you hope Tally would get the operation? When did you change your mind? (Or did you?)

In the beginning, I was all for Tally having the operation. She was so sad after her friend Peris got his operation and then basically forgot about her. I wanted her to get the operation to become pretty so she could be with Peris.

Even after she went to see Peris, I wanted her to get the operation, but when she made it to the smoke, I wanted her to stay herself and for her and David to become a couple.

3. Have you ever found yourself trusting someone more or paying more attention to what they said not because they deserved it, but just because of their looks?

No, I am a firm believer that you should look beyond a person’s appearance. Here in the real world, we get old and wrinkly. Also, beauty fades and I want to be known by something other than how I look. 

4. In what ways did Tally’s trip through the wild prepare her for what she learned in the Smoke?

I think what she learned is something that we all need to learn as young adults. We need to learn to depend ourselves and our instincts. As a young adult and as an adult, I need to learn to listen to what my head and heart say. When we are in tune with ourselves we can save ourselves heartache.

5. Would you give up your ability to think independently in exchange for being happy, beautiful, perpetually healthy, and rich?

No. It has taken me many years to be comfortable in my own skin. If you had asked me this when I was in high school, I would have wanted the operation. High school when I was younger people did judge you by what you looked like on the outside. There were the jocks, the heads, (stoners) the popular girls/boys, the nerds, the band geeks and the gamers.

I was very fortunate that I could float between all of the different crowds. I found making friends easy and that allowed me the freedom to make friends from all of the different cliches  . It may be hard to believe but thanks to Facebook, I can see that the people who remained in my home town that the cliches are still going.

6. How did David see Tally differently than she saw herself?

Tally never saw herself as beautiful. She wanted to be a pretty for all of her young life. David who was not influenced by seeing pretty as the norm, he saw Tally for who she really is. She was already beautiful to him without having an operation to make her “pretty.”

7. If Shay could have gone back in time and never have met Tally, do you think she would?

Yes, I believe she would. Even when she was pretty, she felt some sort of responsibility toward Tally.

There are more questions that the author has posted. Click the link ^^ up there and check them out. I like to see if authors ask questions about their books and I hope that when I write the next GREAT novel, you will answer the questions I will ask you.

I am currently reading the second book Pretties and I will give you a review of it when I’m done.

Once NaNoWriMo starts on November 1st, I am not sure how much I will get to post, but I promise I will try. I am currently working on the back story for my characters and plotting my NaNoWriMo project. I haven’t decided how much of I want to share before I get started writing because you never know if I will end up writing something completely different. Wish me luck!

Peace, Love & Happiness to you all,


Original Story: Telephone Nightmare

Hello my lovely readers!

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would share a short horror/scary story. The story doesn’t take place during Halloween, but it is a scary sort of story. I hope you like it. I have decided that I am going to share some of my original stories. I have one that I would like to share with you, but it is currently being judged for a competitions and I can’t share it until the competition is over. I will share it as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoy this short story.

Peace, Love & Happiness,


Telephone Nightmare

The persistent ringing of the telephone pried me from the depths of the nightmare I had been drowning in. Drenched in sweat and fear, I reached for the telephone sitting on the nightstand next to my bed.

“Hello,” I said. There was no answer, only loud breathing. “Who is this?” I asked. Again, there was no answer, only breathing. “Last chance,” I said and when no one replied, I hung up.

I flipped my pillow to the cool side and laid back down.  I rolled over to glance at the clock and wondered aloud to myself “I wonder who would call me so late and just breathe into the phone?” I closed my eyes and tried to remember what my nightmare had been about.

Just as I was about to drift off to sleep again, the telephone started ringing. I reached out, grabbed the receiver and said gruffly “hello?”

“You knew this would happen,” said a voice on the other end of the line.

“I knew what would happen?” I asked.

“You knew one day this would happen.”

“Who is this?” I cried.

“I am your worst nightmare and you knew this would happen,” said the voice.

“I don’t know who you are, or what you are talking about. You have the wrong number.” I yelled to the mystery caller and I slammed the phone down.

It was four o’clock in the morning; I was wide awake and scared. I asked myself, should I call the police? I decided against it as I crawled out of bed, grabbed my robe and headed to the kitchen.

When I reached the kitchen, I made myself a cup of coffee and grabbed my laptop. As long as I am awake, I might as well catch up on some work. While my ancient laptop booted up, I tried to figure out who the mystery caller was and what I was supposed to know would happen.

Finally, my laptop was up and running. I clicked on my email icon and my email began to load, thirteen emails from myself. Why would I send thirteen email to myself? I clicked on the first one. In block letters it said, YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN.  I checked the second email, YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN, I checked the third email, the same thing, after checking the fourth email I slammed the lid of my laptop shut. Why is this happening?

I got up and moved into the living room and sat on the couch. Should I call the police? Will they think I am some lonely lunatic who needs attention? I was startled out of my reverie by a knock at the door. I got up and walked over to the door and looked through the peep hole. Someone was holding a sign in front of my door. It said you knew this would happen! I yelled through the door “go away or I am calling the police.”

“Open the door,” yelled a familiar voice, “you new this would happen, payback’s a bitch. Open the door my dear sister.”

“What the hell?” I said as I swung the door open.

“April Fools Peggy, this is payback for last year,” my little sister yelled as she walked in.